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Certified gear inspection experts.

Our A2LA ISO 17025 certified gear and spline component metrology services include contract inspection, master certification, inspection training, and preventative maintenance & calibration.
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Supporting a global metrology reputation.

Contract Inspection
Systematic part inspection and reporting to user-defined tolerances and industry standards: AGMA, DIN, JIS, ANSI, & A2LA ISO 17025.
Master Certification
Expert, certified inspection of master gears and splines including index, lead, profile, actual tooth thickness, and custom requests.
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Inspection Training
Comprehensive hands-on training for operators, to ensure precise and compliant gear measurement and inspection techniques.
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Preventative maintenance & calibration to proactively ensure proper function and accuracy, minimizing downtime and errors.
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Bring your inspections in-house with a machine built for your workflow.

We design, manufacture, and install analytical metrology machines, while performing as a trusted source for contract gear and spline inspection.
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Analytical gear inspection machines.

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