Customized for your exact precision component requirements.

All analytical measuring machines are equipped with the high-performance KN inspect operating and evaluation software.

Equipped with the high-performance KN inspect operating and evaluation software.

Individual software modules can be deployed via an intuitive user interface. The respective modules cover all user-specific tasks for measuring and evaluating gears, gear tools ,and other rotationally symmetric workpieces.
Intuitive machine interface.

Users are intuitively guided in entering workpiece and process data with support at every step.

International norms and standards, as well as specific requirements, are taken into account during each evaluation.

Analytical measuring machines for small-to-medium-sized workpieces

Innovative quick-change clamping system to improve productivity. Compact design with quick-measuring procedures. Smart tailstock for optimal loading and expansion of the work area.

Custom large-scale measuring machines for large workpieces up to 6,000 mm.

Motor-driven positioning of the measuring unit (V-axis) to the current workpiece diameter.
No separate foundation required in the measurement or production area.
Application flexibility for spur gears, bevel gears, shafts, tools, bearing rings.
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