Re-build and re-control of analytical machines.

To custom requirements and budgets.

Our re-build & re-control process.

Our REPOWERED® program brings dated gear inspection machines up to current technology standards with the latest gear software and speed.
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Column Replacement
The X, Y, Z Column is removed and replaced with one of our standard X, Y, Z columns.
Riser Addition
A granite riser is installed to increase the height of the column.
Rotary Table
Original rotary table is used along with the tailstock assembly.
Drives & Controls
All new electronic drives and controllers are installed and the machine is completely wired as a new install.
New computer is installed with our latest Penta Gear Metrology gear software.
Fine Tuning
Machine is thermally mapped and laser aligned.
The end result is the machine must pass an accuracy of +/-2 micron repeatability.

Supporting major re-builds of major brands.

We understand your shop has a machine that everyone knows and loves. Rather than replace the machine entirely, our REPOWERED® services can bring modern day speed to familiar set ups.
Analytical inspection machine rebuild.
Analytical inspection machine rebuild.

On-call service & support from the re-build team.

The same team the expertly re-builds your seasoned analytical inspection machine also services the machine, offering comprehensive service, training, and preventative maintenance & calibration.

Options to Buy, Sell, Trade-In, and Recondition

Our REPOWERED machines offers all shops economical options to stay current with the latest technology.
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